1999 Pontiac Grand Am • 127,000 miles

Thought it was the starter but found out that it wasn't so we had the alternator checked also and it is good. We did find out that the battery was definitely not good tried for 4 hours to charge it up and it wouldn't even move the meter. Someone has tried to manually start it but couldn't get it to move. But what buffles us is that sometimes we get a wwwrrr sound when we try turning it over. Also something weird is before we even put jumper cables to the battery, when it was still in the car, the horn wouldn't honk and the radio wouldn't come on but then we put jumper cables to battery and the horn worked and so did the radio. So we are wondering if this has something to do with electrical problem. Also when the battery was still in the car and we would try something and then try starting car the trunk would pop open, but not every time we tried starting the car. Need some help please?
September 28, 2012.

Check for 12.6 volts at the battery.

The wirring may be the bendix in the starter. You may end up replacing as well.


Sep 28, 2012.
When I turn the key to try and start it the starter just clicks and my auto lights stay on they want go out and they look like they are on high beems. If I get under the bottom and turn the motor a little it makes the sound like it will crank and then stops and just clicks. Can the starter go out all of a sudden or does it give a sign.

Oct 1, 2012.