1999 Pontiac Grand Am • 195,000 miles

1999 pontic grand am se, wont start, power locks locking and unlocking when trying to start, change fuel pump fuel filter crank senor, coil mojo spelling bad. , Sounds like its not getting fire . Just got done removing the BEC fuse took it out for 5 min and reinsterted it now waiting for the sercuity syst light to go off to see what happen next.

Does it crank at all? Are the dash lights working like the check engine light?


Jun 26, 2012.
Yes the lights are working and yes the engine light is on as well it does crank, the way it sounds to me is like it is not getting fuel, as of yesterday we put new plug in it as well. So it has a new fuel pump a new filter a new crank sencor and a new coil mo

What is the fuel pressure?


Jun 28, 2012.
Dont no what the fuel pres-- is. Got it fixed after spending over 600.00 bucks it was only a ignition switch! However now it has brand new fuel pump, filter, fuel moule, crank senor, plugs so on. Thanks for trying to help!