1999 Oldsmobile Alero

My car is leakin antifreeze and I cant find where its coming from. There is no sign of wetness near the reservoir for the antifreeze. The car only leaks once I drive it and then once I park the antifreeze just starts coming out. The antifreeze tank is on the passenger side of my car but the leak seems to be coming from the center of the car near the driver side. Someone told me to buy some stuff that fixes hoses for a while cause it sounds like its comin from one of the hoses but I need help with this cause the person that told me that doesnt know how to fix cars.
January 17, 2013.

You need to locate the leak and repair the problem. Go to the local parts store and ask if you can rent a cooling system tester. It is simply a pump that goes on the radiator and puts pressure in the system. When the system has pressure, you should be able to find the leak. Check around the water pump to see if there is a leak there too. Remember that coolant can travel.

Let me know what you find.