1999 Mercury Villager • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic •

What else could be holding the upper intake to lower manifold on 3.3 engine. I remove the five bolts on top. That hold plastic intake to manifold.
February 25, 2011.

There are some hoses, pipes and brackets that are attached to the block and head that need to be removed also.

Feb 25, 2011.
Disconnect the EGR from the upper intake manifold by removing 2 small nuts from the EGR port and the 2 bolts that anchors the EGR to the bracket(located by the fire wall hard to see but you can feel and reach them with a rachet). Then follow the pipe from the EGR to the bottom and unscrew and disconnect a big connector from the exhaust. You may have to disconnect the two hoses that are partially blocking your view to the connector and to get more access to it. Other instructions I found from online and service manuals did not help me so I finally figure this out by feeling parts behind the plenum that I can't see.

Oct 4, 2011.