1999 Honda Prelude • 125,000 miles

My car's idle started bouncing up and down while in park. The check engine light came on and it said it was the idle air control valve. I was suggested by a mechanic to try cleaning it with carb cleaner. I did that with no results. I decided to order a new part and put it on today and the problem still is not fixed. The idle only bounces while in park. Ocassionally when driving it will lose power while acelerating and cycle also.

December 23, 2012.

A code never identifies a bad part, just a failed system.

What is the code number?

Have you checked the coolant level? If it is low, it will cause this condition


Dec 23, 2012.
The code I got is P0505. Why I thought it was that part was because I went to the mechanic that I usually go to as soon as it happened and he tapped on the part and it momentarily stopped cycling. He then told me to go clean it. When I got home I hooked up the CarMD machine I got and it mentioned that was the most probable fix. So I tried cleaning it and it did not work and tried a new part and still have the problem. I checked my coolant and I have plenty.

Dec 23, 2012.