1999 Honda Civic • 156,000 miles

I will be driving for a liitle while and the car starts bogging down and most of the time will die. Sometimes it will start right back up like nothing ever n
Happened and other times it will take a few minutes of turning it over to start up and it will run fine. When it is bogging down and almost dying I can push on the accelerator and sometimes it will bog a little bit and come back running like it should without dying. Some people say it is a fuel issue and others say electrical. Trying to figure this problem out and hoping you can help thanks Darren

The car is a 1999 Honda civic 2 door 1.6 liter engine. No modifications
March 28, 2013.

Take it into an auto parts store and they will tell you why the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on. I am assuming it is based on your description. You can start troubleshooting from there.

Mar 29, 2013.