1999 Honda Accord • 172,000 miles

Son just bought car and working on it. Idles very slow so he went to check cables to adjust but the accelerator cable is extremely loose and the nut adjustment is run out completely. From the pics in a shop manual, not able to visualize how the cable is attached to the throttle assembly. It tells how to remove/install but cannot visualize how cable attaches to assembly. It is hard to see the back side where the cable goes. Is there a part diagram that might help see how it attaches. Is cable wrapped around a pulley of some sort.
October 10, 2012.

Yes. It is wrapped around the throttle body acuator.

It sounds like it is stretched and needs to be replaced.


Oct 10, 2012.

Check the above link. It should help.

As to the low idling, do not use the throttle cable to get it up. There must be some sort of free for the cable. Clean the throttle body and IAC to rectify the low idling problem.

Oct 10, 2012.
I am the son of WilliamHemmons. I also noticed that when its in idle it runs smooth. But then when I hit the gas to rev up and then let the petal go it goes down to about 500 rpm and feels like its about to cut off. Could that also be the problem with the accelerator cable? Or could that be another problem?

Oct 12, 2012.
That would be another problem. The idle control system is not functioning correctly and most common causes are dirty air passages of the idle control system. Cleaning the throttle body and IAC usually solves the problem.

If problem persists, check the valve clearances. If they are too tight, same would occur.

Oct 12, 2012.