1999 GMC Safari • AWD Automatic • 49,000 miles

Power locks don't work from door but do work from remote. Also at same time this happened the rear top lift up door won't stay up. 1999 Safari.
August 17, 2011.

Check the wiring between the door and the door frame for damaged wiring to the switch in the door. Then check to see if there is power to the switch on the door.

No damaged wires that I could find and no power to switch. Fuzes you can visually inspect all ok.

Sep 6, 2011.
The only thing to do is to trace the power wires back to the power supply to locate where the power is lost. Check the fuses for continunity. They may look good and still be bad.

I had the same problem with my 1996 safari. It turns out the power door locks are some how tied in with the lighter fuse circuit. I followed all my wire and some one mentioned it to me. As soon as I replaced the fuse for my lighter and accessory ports they started working.

Oct 8, 2011.
It's worth a try.