1999 Ford Taurus • 78,000 miles

1999 ford taurus and the cruise and horn stopped working. I've tried to trace wires and ohm some of them out. I have 12 volt to the cruise servo coming from the cutoff switch under dash on brake pedal. I checked all fuses and found one bad one but it had nothing to do with the problem. Putting power to the horns makes them work. Any ideas would be a great help. Thanks
Jesse 1
March 11, 2013.

Check yoru horn relay first under hoood for the horn. It could also be a bad wire in steering column going to horn button. Check your switch on master cylinder, that goes to cruise as well and check relay which is underhood fuse box i'm sending diagram it's in two parts due to space constraints. Alot of times it the relay and or brake switch you may have to scan for codes as well or the multi function switch on steering column

Mar 11, 2013.