1999 Ford Explorer • 100 miles

How to replace aradiator in 1999 ford explorer with a 5.0 engine?
Danny franklin
March 7, 2013.


CAUTION: Do not mix Standard (green) Coolant with Extended Life Coolant (orange). If mixing occurs, drain engine cooling system and refill with originally equipped coolant type. If this contamination occurs the service change interval on Extended Life Coolant will be reduced from 6 years/150,000 miles to 3 years/30,000 miles.

Drain the cooling system.
Remove the air cleaner outlet tube.

Position the (A) overflow tube clamp back and disconnect the (B) radiator overflow tube from the (C) radiator filler neck.
Remove the fan shroud.

Position the hose clamp back and disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator.

Position the hose clamp back and disconnect the lower radiator hose.

Disconnect the two transmission cooling lines.

Remove the bolts.

Remove the bolt.

Squeeze to release the buckle.

Squeeze to release the anti rattle clip.

Slide the A/C condenser out of the locations.
Lift the radiator up.
Lift the radiator up and remove from vehicle.

Follow the removal procedure in reverse order.

Fill the cooling system.