1999 Ford Explorer • 83,123 miles

Many times I tryed to get a answer never got the right one, problem is my autolamps, no power, all other lights work
went to parts store asked for a fuse or a relay nothing listed all the experts I went on line told me to test it I did the way as I was told
nothing, can it be a fuse in the fuse under the hood or inside the car?
November 24, 2012.

You mean teh foglamps or drl? There are 3 fuses in battery junction box as well as 3 in central junction box, there are 2 relays behind center dash. There is alos a module for eht drl at the left front of engine compt. However check fuse 8 & 27 in fuse junction panel for drl. There are no relays for drl if fuses are good an dnot getting poer then module is bad

Nov 24, 2012.