1999 Ford Explorer • 229,000 miles


Recently my explorer has been having fuel issues. It has a rough start which happens after sitting for at least 15 minutes. Every now and then, it will fire right up. When going up hills, the motor gets really loud and it feels like it has no power. It will drive fine, but when you slow down to a complete stop, the idle will get down to around 400-500 rpms and start to mildly shake. It will take off perfectly, but the motor gets loud when accelerating. It is currently sitting at 229000 miles, and it has a 4.0 V6 OHV motor.

What we have tried
Fuel Filter at 221000 miles
Recent Injection cleaning
Platimum spark plugs at 215000 miles

However, it does have the original fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator at 229000 miles. There is also no check engine light on, and no codes in the system.

Any ideas?
October 27, 2013.

Have you checked fuel pump pressure?

Yes, long time ago, the regulator was having fits, but I am thinking the pump is beginning to fail, since are there are no codes indicating regulator issues.

Oct 28, 2013.
I have to be honest, that is what I am thinking too. I would suggest that you checked pressure now and see if the pressure drops off right away when the key is turned off.

Yeah, I am probably going to let it drive until the pump goes out altogether. With 230000 miles, I think that the original fuel pump more than made its moneys worth.

Oct 30, 2013.
Ha. You got your money's worth from that pump!

It still has the original water pump and thermostat too lol

Nov 3, 2013.
That's what I call, getting your money's worth!