1999 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 1999 crown vic i'm on my third alternator took it back to auto zone there saying its good i'm only geting 11 volts at battery and only geting 11 volts at the top of the alt. Take hot cable off battery while running and car quits. This alt has a voltage rugulator built in. These are remanufacture alternators. Its all so a x-police car
April 28, 2011.

So did the first time you change the alternator did that one test bad?So on the auto parts machine it tests good?If so you could have a blown fuse or blown fuse link. Do you have a multimeter?

Apr 28, 2011.
Do you have Battery light on with engine running?
If not
Disconnect generator 3-pin connector.
Inspect connector for loose, damaged or corroded terminals.
Repair as necessary and check system operation.
If connector is okay,
Ensure battery ground connections are clean and tight.
Ensure generator mounting surfaces are clean and fasteners are tight.
Clean and tighten as necessary and check system operation.
If no problem is indicated
Reconnect generator 3-pin connector.
Start engine. Backprobe 3-pin connector terminal "I" (Light Green/Red wire) with voltmeter positive probe.
Connect voltmeter negative probe to ground.
If voltage is greater than one volt, replace generator
If voltage is one volt or less, repair Light Green/Red wire between generator and instrument cluster

Apr 29, 2011.