1999 Ford Contour • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 111,000 miles

99 ford contour V6 DOHC
I just changed transmission range sensor and now car wont start. I'm almost 100% sure its in right. I installed with car in nuetrul and even check to see if back up lights are lite when in reverse and it is. So pretty sure it's right.
the car gets power to accersorys, like radio. But when u try and start nothing at all and radio will go dead and takes power from accersorys.

I can"t see how you'd put this thing in wrong anyways and for car not to start. Had not started car since day before when I went on a longer then normal drive.

thanks for your help
May 8, 2011.

I assumed it won't crank over when key is turn to cranking position if so check and test the starter motor, starter relay and ignition switch

May 8, 2011.
The car doesnt do anything when turning key no clicking. Nothing. Radio and accs work. Wipers are fast and dont stop when you try and start the car. But radio does stop working when try starting. Does that seem normal?

I've tried putting the old sensor back in and same thing.

May 8, 2011.