1999 Chrysler LHS • 180,000 miles

Ok I had the car looked at and they said it was the variable induction controal valve that was bad could this cause the car not to start?
November 11, 2012.

Ok, who is they?

What was the code?

And no, I do not believe it will cause the car not to start

Is this a Chrysler or a Mercedes? If it's a Chrysler, no, unless it is shorted and causing the Engine Computer to shut down to protect itself. It combines or isolates the intake manifold passages to vary the tuning for different engine speeds and loads.


Nov 11, 2012.
They was a chrysler dealer said it was that so I put new in and still no start the car was running fine I just rebuilt the motor in it and then one day my gas gauge was not working right it went to full when the key was turned to on then when you started it it went to empty I drove it like that for 2 weeks then one day I went to start it an had nothing just turned over what can I do next

Nov 16, 2012.
How can I find out if its the fule pump we tride this to see if it was the fule pump on other cars we started hitting the bottom of the gastank and tried turing the car over to see if would start sometimes it would let us know if the pump is going bad most of the time it would start from hitting the bottom of the tank

Nov 16, 2012.