1999 Chrysler Concorde • 90 miles

I was checking the temperature sensor at the engine with the car running.I jumpered the 2 wires together. I got a spark and the car shut down. When I try to start it now, the engine doesn't even try to start. The indicator lamps on the dash and everything else looks normal but the starter does not turn. All of the fuses seem to be good and if I put a jumper on the starter relay it turns right over. It won't start up though and I even tried having somebody turn the key while I was turning the starter. Everything looks normal but when I turn the key I get no response from the engine. What else can I try?
October 26, 2012.

Check the fuses with a voltmeter, not just visually. If none are blown, check for diagnostic fault codes. Shorting the wires for the coolant temperature sensor shouldn't cause the engine to shut down but doing that has no valid diagnostic value so it's not something we normally do.

Oct 26, 2012.