1999 Chevrolet Venture • 105,000 miles

Van is in pakr(lever up) ", I depress the brake, start engine, indicator light shows "N" instead of "P". I pull lever down but it will not go into any gear. Indicator light still showning "N" all the time. Van will not move in any direction. Whats wrong? Thanks
L Hutchins
December 27, 2012.

Have apartner to move the gear shift lever through the gears while you watch the shift linkage underhood where it connects to the transmission (almost directly below the brake booster but, on the transmission). It should move from one extreme [towards the front of the vehicle] (park), to the other extreme [towards the firewall] (D1).
If so the linkage is correctly adjusted. Suspect the gear selector module (the black plastic part on the transmission that the shift linkage bolts to--it has two set of wires plugged into it)

Mar 6, 2013.