1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo • 175 miles

Water pump went out. Didn't change it for a week. Was adding water to it and finally one night driving home it have to pull over. Engine light flashing come to find out now it's miss firing. I have a list of different things how ever, the oil in the is pressuring towards the dip stick wondring what's the chance of a piston ring or engine spring.
July 8, 2013.

Did the engine overheat? As far as the miss, have you determined which cylinder it is coming from? Can you better explain what is happening with the motor oil to the dip stick?

Well it didn't over heart to were the needle is red. Maybe 3/4 of the way. But my only suggestion for it to start miss firing is because it over heater. No I have not determined what cylinder it is yet on my next thing to do list. As far as the oil and dip stick. My farther thinks that the oil is pressurizing because now my oil stick reads past fill line but oil is good no water. But unusual for oil to be so high up on the dip stick.

Jul 8, 2013.
I don't know why, but this just showed up in my mail. Sorry it has been so long. Have you had any luck with the issue?