1998 Volvo S70 • 5 cylinder FWD Automatic • 205,000 miles

How to replace an alternator on a 1998 volvo s70
Joe Roberson
January 5, 2011.

Generator (GEN)

* Remove the cable from the battery.
* Remove the fresh air intake hose from the electrical box.
* Remove the coolant reservoir.
* Place it to one side.
* Remove the toothed belt. See: Engine, Cooling and Exhaust Engine Drive Belt Service and Repair
* Remove the upper screw and nut and the lower screw for the generator (GEN).
* Remove the belt tensioner and the bracket for the power steering pump and the generator (GEN).
* Detach the generator (GEN).
* Remove the connector for the generator (GEN).
* Remove the protection and the positive lead for the generator (GEN).
* Remove the generator (GEN) by moving it upwards / out.

Installation: * In reverse order.

Jan 5, 2011.