1998 Toyota Corolla • 160,000 miles

Just replaced thermostat and ect and temp prob on thermo housing and inside gauge shows hot what could be wrong or what could I test
March 17, 2013.

Get one of htose handyl little temp gauges that are run by infared rays they are pretty cheap and close enough so you dont needto touch anything. See what temp is on top rad hose. If below 230 then chekc rad for cold spots if you have them the rad needs recoring or replacing. Make sure tstat is working. If when you shut eh car off an dit sounds like coffe percoulating then the tstat isn't work ing for some reason. Wait for it to cool way down before working on it or you'll get burned. Make sure all air is out of system as well also disconnect ect and make sure it's the correct one if made in china get a new one not made there.

Mar 17, 2013.