1998 Toyota Camry • 134,000 miles

New battery and rebuilt alternator but car still sometimes wont start. When you turn key it just clicks but lights & radio work. Starts right up with jump. Battery tested fine. What could be the issue?
March 11, 2013.

If that's a rather loud click, suspect worn contacts inside the starter solenoid. A lot of hardware stores and farm and home supply stores have the kits for two versions of starters for Chryslers. They have two different length plungers with the contact discs. Toyota uses a considerably different plunger that has to be purchased from the dealer at a cost about double what the entire Chrysler kits cost, but it rarely has to be replaced, so you can use either Chrysler kit. All of them come with the same four contacts. You use the smaller "battery" terminal for all starters, then you select the one out of the remaining three that matches what's in your starter.

Mar 11, 2013.