1998 Saturn SW2 • 144,000 miles

1998 saturn sw2. After the car warms up and put in reverse or drive the car will start sputtering and often will resalt in a stall. During and exelerated or none exelerated drive the car will drive smoothly. Only will it sputter around and die when its been put from park to reverse or drive. Often it will start sputtering around just after giving it a little throttle after in reverse.
I have changed the fuel filter, checked the egr, changed the idle air control censor and the map sensor, no difference. Still stalls after running the engine for 5 minutes. It never does this in park after giving it gas.
Anyone know what's the matter with it?
December 15, 2012.

Have you checked the coolant temp sensor yet?They have a really high failure rate.

Dec 15, 2012.
I have not yet. I plan to check on that Monday morning.

How does that have to do with it going into gear and stalling?

Could just be because its running bad and stalls because of the added load of the engine being in drive or reverse?Any codes?Also check the inside of the coolant. Temp sensor connector to see if the terminals are blue or green instead of silver if they are you have to replace the connector.

Dec 16, 2012.
No codes are up. And I cheched the terminals on the coolent temp sensor. They were good too. However the coolent temp sensor was cracked, I replaced it and it took care of the problem! Thanks a lot!

Your welcome the sensors crack and leak coolant into the connectors that's why I asked you to look at the terminals to see if they were corroded. Glad to hear you fixed the problem.

Dec 18, 2012.