1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 180,000 miles

1998 mitsubishi eclipse rs 4 cylinder, we wee going down the oad, ca ran hot, we replaced the thermostat. Now battery lights on, we buy a used alternator, didnt fix it, batterys overcharging. WE buy anew alternator, didnt fix it, battery lights still on & its still putting out too many volts. Volatge regulator is internal in alternators. We take it & have it diagnosed, they say we need a new ecm, we buy a new ecm. Doesn fix It STILL has battery light on, tll overchaging. What could it be, PLEASE HELP US. I dont have a credit card to make a donation, if I did I would gladly make one. Is not a turbo.
March 8, 2013.

Check and ensure the 120 A fusible Link 1 is good. With engine off, use a DVOM to test the battery terminal B (white wire for battery voltage. If voltage is not available, the 120 A fuse or the wiring is bad.

Mar 9, 2013.