1998 Lincoln Continental • 129,300 miles

It was jarking when u hit the gas to go an in revare. But now when you pull off it feels like the wheels lock on you for a moment. When you start up the car the engin sounds good then it will get real loud but it does not do this all the time. It feels like its not geting gas or power. Pleas can u help me out. An it chang gears good

Tturner 72
May 7, 2012.

Both codes are for the fuel system running to lean, check for vacuum leaks and also the air flow sensor if faulty can cause this problem as well.

May 7, 2012.
I took it to a shop an they said it could be the transmission. But it changes gear good engine sounds good but a little hiss sound. What do u think. Thank you. And mass air flow good too.

Tturner 72
May 8, 2012.
You need another shop. The 171,174 codes are related to long term trims being off from either vacuum leaks, pcv system, low fuel pressure or mass air flow sensor.