1998 Honda Accord • 165,000 miles

Car star normal a cold, but after driver and warm up if I turn off I very hard to starter shake and I have to give some gas until stay running and runs normal, no check engine lights please let me know tank you
August 18, 2013.

Have you checked the fuel pump pressure? Is there any black smoke from the exhaust when this happens?

Not smoke, is just hart to starter thank you

Aug 18, 2013.
I would start by checking fuel pump pressure. It sounds like it is getting too much or too little fuel once warmed up. Your topic says "smoke". Is there any smoke involved with this?

I check for fuel pressure is 55 to 60 psi and I don't see any smoke, I drove today for 15 minutes and when I turn off start fine but after 10 minutes won't start again just crank and I press on the gas to get it going and runs fine again, thank you for your answers.

Aug 20, 2013.