1998 Ford Expedition • 200,000 miles

Im having a problem with my cruise control an wiper issue. The cruise doesn't engage at all and my front wipers work but not the washer sprayer. The back sprayer works but not the wiper. I had an issue before with the turn signal. They did replace the control (turn signal- wiper- cruise) arm. Are there any relays at all.I know nothing about this or where they would be at except for the fuse box in the truck. They all look good. Any suggestions what this may be and would it be expensive to fix. Thanks
March 20, 2013.

Check the motor for the front washer it may be bad. The cruise could be the multifunction switch on steering column and for the back see if the motor is gettingpower or not. It can be a switch or wiring issue or a motor issue. If it gets power then the motor may be bad. Check items in pic as well including ground for rear.

Mar 20, 2013.