1998 Ford Contour • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 160,000 miles

There isnt any pressure in the main radiator hose, and my fan light is on?
i have replaced the radiator, main radiator hose, and thermostat. I refilled the coolant to proper specs but now there is no pressure in the main hose and the fan light is on, I ran the car for 20 mins but fan would not kick on when before it had kicked on after 10-15 mins

June 16, 2011.

Is it overheating? Have you checked the water pumper if its pumping coolant through out the engine and if it has air in it and also check the engine coolant temperature sensor this is the one that tells the computer when to activate the fan relay so that the fan will come on.

Power the cooling fan from the battery and see what happens

Jun 16, 2011.