1998 Dodge Caravan • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 91,000 miles

There seems to be an issue with how power is being distributed throughout my car.

I returned to my car after shopping, I turned the key and no prep-lights or key ignition sound was generated. Needless to say that my car was dead when I tried to turn the engine. So I called AAA and had my car looked at on sight. He tested the battery and it had a full charge, so he asked me to turn the key again.A clicking sound was created. It wasn't the sound of the starter, it was coming from the cabin fuse box underneath the steering wheel, it sounded like a ticking time bomb and then stops after about a minute.

The AAA operator then asked me to turn the key again and the car started. It was baffling, he believed it could be the positive cable that is causing this issue.

since then, every time I go to start it, nothing happens but the clicking. I am forced use a jump pack to start it.

any thoughts as to how I can prove this theory and fix it up?
Christian M
December 22, 2010.

If it is a relay clicking, Which one is it? If you place your finger on it, you should feel the vibration. I might also have to check the actual voltage feed to and from your ignition switch.

Dec 22, 2010.
Thanks for the quick reply

I tried it, and no one rely seems to be teh culprit. The whole unit seems to be struggling.

The pinging sound of the door being ajar is the only electrically powered devise that seems to work.

Also. How do I go about checking voltage feed to and from my ignition switch?

Christian M
Dec 22, 2010.
I looked at grand caravan LE didn't see LX? Get at the wires going to the ignition switch, You may have to get under the dash? In the diagram, the wires coming into the top of switch are voltage feed to the switch, hot all the time, use voltage tester. The wires coming from the bottom of switch in the diagram, go hot when you turn on the key, check for voltage. Notice the wiring colors.

Dec 22, 2010.