1998 Chevrolet Venture • 186,000 miles

My car will start up in morning but itt pulls back like engine is
not getting enough gas, itl only rives up to 10 mile then 20 miles
but will like misfire an attempt to stop, due gas doesnt seem to catch.
after it finally starts driving it will drive an start all day, due I guess it
has warmed up. The repair codes state emission, an coolant.I have replaced water pumpt
an a new radiator, an spark plugs[. Need to correct. Thanks. Repair codesp 125/440/444/1374
November 19, 2012.

I am giving you a walk thoguh diagnositc for your situation. One thing I would do if it is not mentioned in the diagnostic is to have the fuel pressure checked. Just use the link below to get to it;