1998 Chevrolet Malibu • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 70,000 miles

How do I replace front wheel bearings on a 1998 malibu
May 12, 2011.

Do you like working on vehicles? Do you have a basic set of tools, wrenches and sockets, standard size and metric. Loosen the axle nut, just a little. Loosen the lug nuts a little. Safely raise and support the vehicle. Remove the wheel-- remove brake caliper, don't let it hang by the caliper hose, use a piece of wire to support the weight. Remove the brake rotor. Remove the bub nut, the flange has access holes to get at the bolts behind.

You may need to use a torque bit on those, you'll have to look. The hub and bearing are an assembly. You may have to use a puller or something to get the axle shaft loose from hub, use your own intiative. I don't know the size of nuts or bolts with this. With a tool box full of tools, if the socket you grab is too small, grab the next size up.

May 12, 2011.