1998 Cadillac El Dorado • 100,000 miles

It seems to be that the connector to the alternator was yanked away for some reason. Left were two wires,
I bought a new connector, wich came with three wires. How do I connect the three wires to the two or three wire problem?

January 12, 2012.

Even service manual diagrams can be confusing. The safest way is to find a similar car in a salvage yard and note the wire colors and locations. It's common too to snip plugs from donor cars and splice them into yours. Always solder the splices and seal them with heat-shrink tubing. In wet areas like under the hood and rain, use heat-shrink tubing with hot melt glue inside. All auto parts stores have it.

Jan 12, 2012.
I've included a schematic, I would assume that the new connector that you bought has all white wires. If you look at the connector end view, and notice the lock tab on the top, you can visualize which terminal is which in the connector body. It may be hard to read, but may also be molded into the connector body somewhere.

Jan 13, 2012.
Thanks factoryjack.

Jan 13, 2012.