1997 Toyota Rav4 • 140,000 miles

Coolant flush
i asked a friend of mine, a mechanic, about doing a coolant flush at home, given I don't have the coolant flush machine.
He said: warm up the car. Disconnect upper radiator hose. Insert a garden hose in the disconnected hose (disconnected at the radiator, so the water from garden hose would flow into the block. He said I could also add a Flush Capsule(?) Sold at Parts Store). And when the coolant coming out of the radiator turned to water, to withdraw the garden hose, and let the engine running for about 1 minute and shut it off. He said at that time all the water would have come out of the block.
Now reconnect radiator hose and fill with fresh coolant.
i'm a liitle appehensive whether this method was safe even though it was for 1 minute. Even when the garden hose was inserted with water flowing, it would appear to me it was not safe, because it's just water ( couldn't this cause a crack( a fissure))?
is this method safe?
if not, what are your recommendation for the DIY?
December 25, 2012.

No, too much water is left in the system when it comes time to add needed coolant.

You need a shop with the correct machine to perform this operation.


Dec 25, 2012.
Thank you

Dec 25, 2012.
Good luck

Dec 25, 2012.