1997 Saturn SW2 • 170,000 miles

The guy at sears said he ran a compression test I cant remember exact words but it was blown I guess no pressure. He also said somthin bout oil running through the cylinder or under. He advised me to get a new motor.I changed the sparkplugs the 2 cylinder had oil on the bottom of it.I changed them again and it was fine.
November 6, 2011.

That oil might have come from a leaky valve seals/guides, worned rings and cylinder wear-get another compression check and post them for interpretation

Nov 6, 2011.
Just to add to this one if the oil was on the side of the plug where the spark plug wire goes then your valve cover gasket is leaking into the spark plug wells. Pretty common on that car when changing the gasket make sure you put a bead of silicone across both T joints where the front cover meets the head.

Nov 6, 2011.