1997 Pontiac Grand Prix • 145,000 miles

How do I remove a windshield wiper motor from a 1997 grand prix
December 9, 2012.

Removal & Installation
Remove wiper motor and linkage from the wiper drive system module, which must be removed as an assembly. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove wiper arms. Raise hood. Remove screws securing lower reveal molding. Lower hood until it is open about 4". Remove lower reveal molding (pull backward and upward, toward windshield).
NOTE: If wiper motor will not run, turn crank arm with adjustable pliers by engaging upper jaw of pliers against top edge of crank arm and lower jaw against crank arm nut (use nut as a pivot point).

Raise hood. Remove screws securing air inlet panel (cowl vent screen). Remove underhood light switch (if equipped). Remove air inlet panel. Run wiper motor until crank arm is in the inner wipe position (bottom of sweep). Crank arm is in the inner wipe position when it is facing left side of vehicle. Disconnect wiper motor electrical connectors and washer hose.
If crank arm can be rotated to inner wipe position, go to next step. If crank arm cannot be rotated to inner wipe position, remove 3 screws securing bell crank housing near center of firewall to allow module to be removed.
Remove screws securing wiper drive system module. Remove wiper drive system module. To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure wiper arms are correctly positioned. See WIPER ARMS under ADJUSTMENTS.

Dec 9, 2012.