1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 153,000 miles

When the car has sat all night in the garage. It will start easier with a little flutter on the gas pedal. Then the idle will bounce(between 800 rpm and 1300 rpm) for a bit then steady out. When the car is warm it takes more fluttering of the gas pedal then I have to keep on the gas to keep it from dying. If I lay off the gas after it starts it will die. After it starts and I get past the "bouncing point" it runs fine. I get 28+ mpg, the acceleration is smooth and strong. Two days ago I was waiting for someone, so I parked the car and just let it idle while I waited. Twenty minutes into the wait the idle was running steady at just under 1000, then it dipped between 500 and 300. It almost died with the dip in rpm's, then it when back to idling, and has not done it since. I was thinking it was the fuel pump but now after doing some reading I don't think it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
December 19, 2011.

Clean the idle air control valve and test the throttle position sensor and MAP sensor to inlcude a fuel pressure check

Dec 19, 2011.
I have not had time to look at it this week with Christmas. Way to busy at work. Now the car started running more rough during Idle. It the RPM's pulse and drop really low to the point of almost stalling. Tonight while I was warming up the car it actually stalled. I got a trouble light, and hooked up the code reader. I got P0300(Random/Multiple cylinder misfire Detected) and P1406(EGR Valve Pintle position Circuit Fault). I think my egr is causing the problem, or is this just a symptom of another problem. Thoughts? Thanks again!

Dec 24, 2011.