1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 221 miles

I have a 97 eclipse with 221000 miles everything has been taken care of for the most part but the oil sending unit started to leak and it sat for a while(i did not drive it at all) I bought the new sending unit and changed the oil plus added a quart of lucas. Later that day it had a very slight knock but only when I hit over 4000rpms. So for almost a week I drove it under 4000 rpms and then one morning it was doing the same thing untill I was driving home and I was in 4th gear and the oil light came on and I lost all aceleration and white smoke blew out the back of the car. I had it towed home and then I tried to start it after I filled it with oil again and it turned over and ran but after about 30 seconds to a min it shut down again. What could be wrong?
May 29, 2011.

You may have an oil pressure problem that is having hte sending unit cut your fuel supply off. If you have a knock plus with the white smoke you may have blown a head gasket. It's best to have apro look at it and give his opinion.

May 30, 2011.