1997 Mercedes Benz E250 • 50,000 miles

We own a 1997 model E 250 CDI Mercedes Benz Auto transmission car. Its Auto transmission is giving problems. Gear is not shifting from 2 to top. RPM is going high and gear is not changing after 40 kms speed. What may be the problem? We are From Bangalore, India. Can you repair it? Or do yo have a new gear box with you to replace? If so how much it cost and what is the guarantee? Thanks, Sreedhar.
January 11, 2012.

The transmission will have an internal problem, get a specialist to do a full diagnosis, this will tell you where the actual problem is, then they can advise on best action and approx costs.

Jan 11, 2012.
Hallo vk mahant fromDELHI(INDIA) is here I have 1997 make w 124 mercedes car fitted with 605.91 with out turbo engine, there is main problem that after start at cold produse blue smoke with misfire in 1stand 5th piston.10 minits warmup or more accilirate or more RPM noise will smoth pick up will ok but as soon we realese paddle noise is not good and no misfire, this is manual transmisson 200000 kilo meter driven. Please guide me regarding this. Looking your advice.

Virendra kumar
Feb 22, 2013.