1997 Honda Civic • 10,234 miles

How do I reset srs light on dash came on after I charged the battery
October 22, 2012.

The SRS resets itself every time the key is turned on. You have a current failure and you need to have the codes read for the restraint system for a starting point.

Oct 22, 2012.

NOTE: Use SCS Service Connector (07PAZ-0010100) instead of a jumper wire. Otherwise, you may not erase memory since it is difficult to connect and disconnect a jumper wire quickly.

1. Turn ignition switch OFF. Wait 10 seconds to ensure DTC memory is erased. Connect SCS Service Connector to MES connector (yellow or Orange color connector). See Fig. 15.

2. Turn ignition switch ON. SRS indicator light will come on for about 6 seconds then go off. Remove SCS Service Connector from MES connector within 4 seconds after SRS indicator light went off.

3. SRS indicator light comes on again. Reconnect SCS Service Connector to MES connector within 4 seconds after SRS indicator light comes on.

4. SRS indicator light goes off. Remove SCS service indicator from MES connector within 4 seconds. SRS indicator light indicates that memory is erased by blinking 2 times.

Oct 22, 2012.
Self-diagnosis System
A self-diagnosis circuit is built into the SRS unit; when the ignition switch is turned ON (II), the SRS indicator light comes on and goes off after about six seconds if the system is operating normally.

If the light does not come on, or does not go off after six seconds, or if it comes on while driving, it indicates an abnormality in the system. The system must be inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

For better serviceability, the memory will store the cause of the malfunction, and the data link circuit passes on the information from the memory to the data link connector (DLC). This information can be read with the Honda PGM Tester connected to the DLC (16P).

Oct 23, 2012.