1997 Ford Probe • 4 cylinder FWD Manual •

1997 ford probe. The airbag light seems to blink 3 times then pause then blinks 4 time then pause then a long pause then keeps repating it self. Thanks
August 5, 2011.

FAULT: Code 34 - Driver Side Air Bag Module Circuit Low Resistance or Shorted

Normal OperationThe air bag diagnostic monitor measures the resistance across pin 10 (circuit 937 "GY") and pin 11 (circuit 944A "GN/W") every time the ignition switch is turned to the ON position. Normal resistance across these circuits is between 1.5 ohms and 2.0 ohms. This resistance comes from the air bag module itself (approximately 1.0 ohm) and the air bag sliding contact windings (approximately 0.25 ohm to 0.5 ohm per winding, two windings in all) and the center cowl safing rear air bag sensor (approximately 0.2 ohm). If the resistance across these three circuits is less than 0.7 ohm, the air bag diagnostic monitor will flash a code 34 on the air bag warning indicator.

NOTE: The connectors for the air bag module and the air bag sliding contact have metal spring clips that act as shorting bars. These shorting bars are built into the plastic hardshell connectors. The shorting bars are designed to short circuits 937 and 938 together when the connectors are not mated. Do not attempt to remove the air bag shorting bar and measure the resistance of the air bag module. The air bag sliding contact shorting bar may be removed to measure the air bag sliding contact resistance. Use extreme care when reinstalling the shorting bar to ensure it is installed correctly.
Possible CausesLow resistance across pins 10 and 11 can be caused by the following: A poorly mated air bag siding contact connector may not push the shorting bars back into their fully retracted positions.
A faulty shorting bar may short circuits 937 and 938 together.
A short in the air bag sliding contact windings between circuits 937 and 938.
A short across the air bag terminals within the driver side air bag module. DO NOT attempt a direct resistance measurement of the driver side air bag module. Follow the diagnostic procedures to determine if the driver side air bag module resistance is lower than normal.

Aug 6, 2011.
Thanks for the quick answer but I think that I have read the code wrong. So actually the code is 33, not 34. So can you help me with that one, please. Thanks!

Aug 15, 2011.
Same deal but for Passengers airbag, really a job for a tech with ford srs experience. I can find exact details if you want.

Aug 16, 2011.
Again, Thank you very much! : )
Yes, please send me the exact details. : )

PS: I have noticed that when car is hotter (after staying a long time under the sun) the light blinks and when its not that hot the light does not blink.

Aug 26, 2011.