1997 Ford F-350 • 250,000 miles

How do you remove mechanical fuel pump from a 7.3 L turbo diesel engine?
December 15, 2012.


NOTE : The following procedure is for both the California and 49-state fuel pumps. Only the 49-state fuel pump is shown. The California pump is similar.

Remove turbocharger.

Remove the fuel line banjo fitting bolt at fuel pump.
Disconnect the fuel line fittings at the rear of the cylinder heads.
Remove the fuel line assembly.
Loosen the two hose clamps at the fuel pump fittings.
Disconnect the water drain hose at the fuel filter
Remove the fuel filter retaining bolts and position the fuel filter forward.
Remove the two fuel pump retaining bolts and lift the fuel pump up out of the camshaft bore.
Remove the fuel pump tappet from the camshaft bore.
Rotate the engine so the fuel pump cam eccentric is on the base circle to ease the installation and prevent possible damage to the fuel pump.
Replace the O-ring on the fuel pump base.

Install the fuel pump tappet in the base of the fuel pump.
Install the fuel pump and retaining bolts. Tighten bolts evenly.
Install the fuel filter and connect the water drain hose.
Connect the two fuel hoses at the front of the fuel pump.
Tighten the fuel hose clamps.
Install the fuel filter retaining bolts.
Install the fuel line assembly with new seal rings at the rear of the fuel pump.
Loosely install the fuel line fittings at the rear of the cylinder heads.
Install the fuel line banjo fitting at the fuel pump. Tighten fitting to 54 Nm (40 lb ft).
Tighten fuel line fittings at the rear of the cylinder head.
Install turbocharger.

Dec 15, 2012.