1997 Dodge Caravan • 6 cylinder •

Hi guys. I have a 97 Dodge Caravan. I was involved in an accident. On the left side sliding door, it is dented in. How can I remove the inside panel, to push the dent back out?

Thanks oooooodles!
November 14, 2010.

The panel is held on by a few screws, the handle, and plastic retaining clips. Remove the screws, door handle, and then the plastic clips are between the door panel and the door. Gently, pull the panel away from the door so you don't break the clips.

Thanks so much. Just paid out a $ 1,000.00 for some work the garage did. Two days later someone backed into me in a parking lot. Thanks guys for all your help. This woman is extremely thankful.
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Nov 17, 2010.