1997 Chrysler Sebring • 175,000 miles

Sputtering, stalling, missing. Mechanic already replaced distributor and plugs(which I don't think I needed). Pulled codes P0112 and P1496, checked voltage at MAP, TPS, IAT at something insane like 174 Celsius. All signs point to bad PCM/ECM.

A few questions about replacement:

1) Do I have to replace with the EXACT same part number? Mine is a 1259AG, but I found a used 1393AA. Can I use it? Will the wrong one cause damage, or cause to my car to fire/run poorly/incorrectly?

2) Are there any precautions to take while replacing? Airbags, etc?

3) Is a used PCM/ECM just plug and play? Or do I HAVE TO get it programmed? I really don't care about the VIN or mileage matching.

Thanks in advance guys,
September 28, 2011.

Okay, the IAT may be the problem. If it thinks it's that temp, the computer will tell the injectors the wrong fuel mixture for the ambient temps outside. Check that. As far as the computer, it has to be the exact same part number. It shouldn't need reprogrammed. Make sure the battery has been disconnected for all repairs and not reconnected before everything has been fully installed. Let the battery disconnected for at least 30 minutes before working on or around the air bag.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Checked the IAT voltage and its good, thats part of what led me to the PCM.

PCM# from my car is 4671259AG

The only 4671259 I have found in the state so far is a AE.

My understanding from the dealer parts reps I talked to is that the last 3 numbers are the important part, and that the letters just indicate updates from Chrysler.

For instance, the only ones the dealer can get are 259AK.

So am I correct in assuming that the AE won't make a difference so long as the numbers match?

Sep 28, 2011.