1997 Chevrolet Silverado • 127,500 miles

Hi my name is joseph I have a 97 silverado 2wd ext. Cab 5.7 vortec I have two problems with it. First problem the truck fuel relay is getting hot and actually starting to melt the relay box and every once in a while it will make the fuel pump not turn on when I try to start it and when it does work when we go one road trips we will be doing 70mph then all of a sudden the truck will die so we have to pull over and let the truck sit for a min. And it will start I replaced the relay but still does it. I dont know what to do I was wondering if you could help me? The second problem is the left low beam head light it has a halogen bulb one day the light went out so I went to change it and the plug was burnt so I changed the plug and the light and I did it again so how can I fix this?
January 28, 2013.

First, check to make sure the fuel pump isn't drawing too many amps. As far as the light, that is odd. How many amps is the alternator putting out?

Ok I will. The alternator is a 140 amp out of a 2005 silverado (we changed because we have an amp, a 7 inch touch screen head unit, a 9klbs winch, and tow boat trailers) the original one was only 105 amp. It was doing it started before with the original alt

Jan 28, 2013.
Check it and let me know what you find.