1997 Cadillac Allante • V8 FWD Automatic • 2,000,000 miles

I have 1997 sls Cadillac ireplaced the battery it started once and will not turn it has power all you can here in the fuel injection
Randy Ealy
February 3, 2011.

Is there any starting disable message on the info center? The next thing to check would be the starter signal. There is a large purple wire in a connector at the front of the rear cylinder head. This is the starter signal wire. Disconnect and check the harness side with a test light. If the light lights with the key in crank, you are getting a starter signal. Next would be to suspect a starter, or try and jump the starter directly by supplying power to the starter side of that connection. The starter should crank when fed power. If it don't you confirmed the need for a starter.

Feb 3, 2011.
I think u have a nothstar the starter is under the intake plem. Thats the problem im factory trained
on this model goodluck

Feb 21, 2011.