1996 Saturn SL1 • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 230,000 miles

Hey there I am in the middle of changing my radiator as my old one cracked and I have all hoses and fan off and out but there is two small inputs on it I think they are a/c (steel inputs) with hoses coming off I have not unhooked them yet bcause I need some guidance on what to do at this point and the rad I got does not hav those inputs on the right side or either do I need to hook them back up like can I use this new rad or do I need to gt one with those inputs its a 1996 saturn 4door sedan sl seies automatic
March 7, 2011.

Those steel lines are for the automatic transmission cooler. You'll either need to get a different radiator or you can add an external cooler in front of the radiator.

Mar 7, 2011.
Hey cardiodoc just to add to this one there better off just getting a radiator with the transmission cooler line hole's. You must be going the used radiator route?Because back in the day saturn had a manual and automatic radiator option when you bought them new. Now when you get the new radiator's even aftermarket new there for both manual and automatic transmission's. They just cap off the hole's as far as removing those cooler line's from the radiator the best thing to use is a 1/2" line wrench that fit's perfect if you try to use a metric one or a regulator wrench you can easily round those line nut's. They can be pretty tight sometimes especially if you live in snow country you may to just replace those line's.

Mar 7, 2011.