1996 Honda Accord • 232,000 miles

I m working on an automatic transmission when I tight 10 mm head (6*1.0mm) valve body bolt to 8.7 foot pound the wrench does not click I tried all the 10 mm of the valve body it did not click however the wrench clicked when I torque 12 mm head (8*1.25mm) to 13 foot pound or less. The 10 mm head bolts are long and when I tight then they squeak I put transmission oil on the treads and head same they squeak and I do not hear the click or feel it. What could be the problem?
October 15, 2013.

A bad torque wrench, won't read that low. Get an inch pound torque wrench they should be 106 inch pounds or 12 Nm

Oct 16, 2013.
The wrench worked when I tight 12mm bolt 2foot pound. It works with 12mm bolts not with 10mm bolts

Oct 16, 2013.