1996 Honda Accord • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 180,000 miles

I have a Honda and yesterday when I went to work the rpm's dropped to zero and then ramped up normal jolting the car. This happened three times on the way to work. On the way home from work it happened again and the car shut off and had to be towed to the house. I cranked it this morning and it cranked but I am afraid to drive it. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Bryan Wilson
August 12, 2011.

Without diagnosing the problem, it is not possible to say what the problem is.

If the rpm is erratic, the most likely fault would be a failed ignition coil which could fail when it heats up.

The above link explains what to look for if you are able to crank but not start.

another common cause of intermittent stalling and non starting would be a faulty PGM-FI main relay. Resoldering the relay circuit board usually solves the problem.

Aug 12, 2011.
The fuel filter was clog up and we replace it the car got into a limp mode, we reset d ecu and all fix again thanks

Jun 3, 2014.