1996 Ford Explorer • 110,000 miles

Just replaced my power steering pump and got all the air out of the lines but it is still hard to turn either way when I drove it there was very little improvement in the steering I have also replaced the belt but still nothing I was wondering is there some thing else that it could be
August 26, 2013.

Did you replace the pump because the power steering was hard to turn? If so I would say it is your rack and pinion that is bad. If it wasn't hard to turn before you replaced it and you replaced it because it was leaking or something. Just let the car run with the top off of the power steering pump, sometimes it can take a little while for all of the air to escape.

Aug 26, 2013.
Have you considered the rack and pinion? How did you bleed the air out of the system? Is the pump making noise?

The pump is not making any noises and to bleed the air out I turned the wheel from lock to lock withe the car off 30-40 times and there was no change then I did the same with it running. There was little improvement but it was still to hard to turn when the car was down and driving

Aug 27, 2013.
It sounds like you may have a bad rack and pinion.