E-350 WITH 5.7 V8

1996 Ford E-Series Van • V8 2WD Automatic • 157,000 miles

I have a 1996 ford e-350 van with a 5.7L v8. It runs great at times but will also just start missing randomly! It does this while idling and while driving, doesnt seem to be during any specific range of rpm. I have changed fuel filter, checked fuel pressure, replaced rotor cap and button, spark plugs and wires, and the throttle position sensor, air filter also even though it wasnt that bad! It also does not show check engine light or give any diagnostic codes when hooked up to the scanner! What should I be checking next?
December 29, 2010.

That is a tough one without a check engine light. Can you get it to miss at an idle?

Yes it misses at an idle also!

Dec 29, 2010.
That is a good thing. What I need you to do is this. Start the engine and VERY carefully, with insulated pliers, remove one plug wire at a time. It is a pain, but you are looking for the cylinder that doesn't cause the miss to change. That way we can get it down to which cylinder is missing and check compression, plug. Please be careful not to be shocked. It hurts!

Let me know what you find.