1996 Dodge Ram • 5.2L V8 2WD Automatic • 150,000 miles

We have replaced the starter, ignition, and put a new battery in the truck.. But before. We. Did all of that truck ran fine. But now the truck won't start the Windows won't roll down and a.C. Doesn't even come on. But if you put a starting switch on the solenoid and push the button the truck will crank but the window won't roll down still, a.C. Does not work and still won't crank with the key what could cause this
June 30, 2014.

Please clarify a few things. The ignition is an entire system. What ignition part did you replace in that system? What do you mean by "doesn't start"? Does the starter crank the engine with the ignition switch? If it does, do you have spark?

If you replaced the ignition switch, how did the terminals look in the connector? Why did you replace all these parts?

Jun 30, 2014.